We Screenprint!

We utilise the art of screenprinting to put our designs onto apparel. Printed by us in our home-studio, each one of our garments has been lovingly created for you

Soul Submitted Designs Screenprinting At home

Sourcing Our Shirts

We have been sourcing our apparel from CB Clothing since our beginning, We adore the high quality Australian Cotton that they use in all their garments, the breathabilty and longevity of which has been noted by many of our customers.

We absolutely love printing on these garments and all the benefits that come with using 100% Cotton T-shirts

Click the button to read more about the benefits and about CB Clothings ethics

Australian Cotton

Known Designs

Our wonderful friends over at Known Designs are such a blessing to SSD, providing us with their quality printed hats, keychains, waterbottles etc. We love that we get to collab with another local, family run business

See their website here

Known Designs Website
  • Photography

    Amost all our product shots are from our 'In-house photography', a fancy way of saying we do it ourselves. Scoping the streets to bring you clear pics of our shirts and designs on real people.

  • Modelling (sorta)

    We have our shot at serious modelling poses, but we dont always succeed. Many pics are taken before The One, including the one above.

  • Soul Submitted Design


    Each of our designs are created by us, inspired by the Word of God. We then work to create a simple and clean graphic to accompany our phrases, making something easy to wear, and therefore a message easy to share.

    (The image above is the first ever draft of our Soul Submitted print!)