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How You Feel about Wearing Christian Apparel - Adele Latu (Soul Submitted Designs) - 1 Mar 2023

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The Hip Hop Dancing Mum- Adele Latu

Interview with Ben McEachen on Hope 103.2

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The Thriving Woman Podcast

Interview with Carmel Austin about Adeles transition from homeschooling mum to creator of SSD!

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So, HoW do I mOVe now? Podcast by Adele Latu

Join SSD’s CVB ( Chief Vision Bearer) Adele Latu – as she chats with a wide range of peoples about their experiences and knowledge of our bodies and movement. What really is it to us? How is it achieved in ways that are meaningful and reflect joy and purpose? How does our thinking affect our moving? What does God say about movement and exercise? Be encouraged to start your journey towards ‘getting up’ and moving – all to the glory of Him.

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